Andrew Menaker – Advanced Course

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Andrew Menaker's Advanced Course is aimed to increase traders' performance by directing the majority of their time and energy to additional market study. This course will teach you how to keep to a strategy by using practical actions and approaches to address the subconscious concerns that affect your trade.

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Course overview

Most traders are not getting the results they want, despite applying all the right trading strategies. They continuously make the same errors in execution, even though they're well-aware of them. You know it's a mental issue but you don't know how to correct it.


What you need is not more information, but a new approach to looking at your trading plan. A new perspective that can change how you react to uncertainty and discomfort. It sounds like you should take authority over your emotions, instead of letting them control you. This is when the Advanced Course of Andrew Menaker comes into the game to support you.

Course outline

Among the topics covered by Andrew Menaker – Advanced Course are delivered in these materials:

Over eight hours of video – key concepts explaining the reasons for the exercises and techniques Andrew uses with his one-on-one clients. The first video (75 min.) presents a unique and very powerful way to improve your trading.

Two workbooks – covers key topics and actionable practical techniques that Andrew's coaching clients receive. Includes over 30 actionable techniques and exercises to help you manage your emotions and take control of your actions leading to improved trading performance.

What will you learn?

Andrew Menaker – the trainer of Advanced Course will help you achieve these significant values:

  • Andrew's unique and powerful method for improving your trading.
  • Coaching topics and actionable techniques used by Andrew's clients.
  • Techniques and exercises to help you manage your emotions in trading.
  • Ability to take control of your actions leading to improved trading results.

Who is this course for?

The Advanced Course by Andrew Menaker is ideal for:

  • Those who need practical and actionable advice for their trading needs.
  • Those who need to better manage their trading emotions.
  • Those who need tips and tricks to better self-control while trading.

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Andrew Menaker – Advanced Course
Andrew Menaker – Advanced Course
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