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The MQ Momentum can teach you how to trade the global futures markets in a disciplined, low-leverage, and varied manner. It may also help you create trading indicators, techniques, and paperwork to help us locate trading opportunities that correspond with our trading strategy.

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Course overview

Given that Momentum is one of the three basic price components, the MQ Momentum indicator was created to express Momentum for every market and period combination. The MQ Momentum graph shows a major indicator line (solid line) as well as a signal line (dashed line). The MQ Momentum indicator also shows a histogram that indicates the difference between the primary indicator line and the signal line.

Course outline

The detail content of the MQ Momentum course includes the following modules:

  • Understanding systematic trading and portfolio management.
  • Knowledge about trading the global futures markets, following a systematic, low leveraged and highly diversified trading regiment.
  • Principles of proprietary trading and skills in developing and coding quantitative, behavioral and machine learning trading systems.
  • Professional knowledge about options income strategies.
  • Skills to simplify the markets by understanding are world-renowned price action trading strategies.
  • Skills to develop trading indicators, strategies and documentation to find trading opportunities in alignment with our trading strategies.
  • Skills in setting up various trading indicators.
  • Understanding the various features and trading strategies.

What will you learn?

The MQ Momentum course will enable you to achieve these significant values:

  • Trading and portfolio management that is systematic.
  • Trading the global futures markets using a methodical, low-leverage, and diverse trading strategy.
  • Proprietary trading principles and expertise in building and coding quantitative, behavioral, and machine learning trading systems
  • Ability to devise alternative revenue methods.
  • Price action trading methods are world-renowned for their ability to simplify markets via comprehension.

Who is this course for?

The MQ Momentum course is suited for:

  • Those who are interested in learning different trading aspects at the same time.
  • Those who need a full-package of trading experience and knowledge
  • Those who need personal knowledge and experience from different experts with different backgrounds.

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Basecamptrading – MQ Momentum
Basecamptrading – MQ Momentum
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