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Basic Package by Wall Street Prep teaches you the crucial basics to build a 3-statement model from scratch. The best practices and a standard process will be what you can expect through 13 chapters of this course.  

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Course Overview

Basic Package by Wall Street Prep presents the process of building a 3-statement model from A to Z. Through this course, you can input historical data and assumptions about financial statements to develop an efficient model. It serves as a solid foundation for financial statement modeling.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Overview

  • Introduction
  • Excel Settings for Modeling
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • The Boost Excel Add-In

Chapter 2: Financial Modeling Best Practices

  • Formatting Conventions
  • Modeling Best Practices
  • Naming, Linking & Deleting Cells
  • Model Structure

Chapter 3: Preparing for the Case Study

  • Gathering Documents for Modeling (the “PIB”)
  • Apple Case Study Introduction

Chapter 4: The Income Statement

  • Modeling the Historical Income Statement, Part 1
  • Modeling the Historical Income Statement, Part 2
  • Introduction to Forecasting
  • Segment-Level Revenue Forecasting
  • Operations Forecasting

Chapter 5: Forecasting the Balance Sheet: Working Capital

  • Inputting the Historical Balance Sheet
  • Working Capital Forecasting & Roll-Forward Mechanics
  • Accounts Receivable, Part 1
  • Accounts Receivable, Part 2
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accrued Expenses & Deferred Revenue

Chapter 6: Long Term Assets & Liabilities

  • Intangible Assets
  • Modeling Intangible Assets
  • PP&E
  • Modeling PP&E
  • Other Balance Sheet Assets
  • Modeling Other Current Assets
  • Deferred Tax Assets
  • Deferred Tax Liabilities
  • Other Liabilities
  • Modeling Deferred Taxes & Other Balance Sheet Items

Chapter 7: Debt

  • Debt
  • Modeling Debt

Chapter 8: Balance Sheet Equity

  • Capital Stock
  • Modeling Capital Stock
  • Treasury Stock
  • Modeling Treasury Stock
  • Retained Earnings and OCI
  • Modeling Retained Earnings
  • Modeling Other Comprehensive Income
  • Linking Schedules Back to the Balance Sheet

Chapter 9: The Cash Flow Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement Introductions
  • Review: The Cash Flow Statement
  • Cash From Operations
  • Modeling Cash from Operations
  • Cash From Investing & Other Financing Activities
  • Modeling Cash from Investing & Other Financing Activities
  • The Lemonade Stand

Chapter 10: The Model Plugs: Revolver & Cash

  • Understanding the Role of the Revolver in Financial Models
  • Modeling the Revolver
  • Modeling Interest Income
  • Dealing with Circularities in Financial Models

Chapter 11: Earnings Per Share

  • EPS
  • Modeling EPS

Chapter 12: Finishing Touches

  • Integrity Checking & Balancing the Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis Using Data Tables
  • Scenario Analysis

Chapter 13: Deeper Dives

  • Depreciation Waterfall

What Will You Learn?

  • Effective Excel shortcuts and functions in financial modeling.
  • Best practices of Excel settings and formatting in financial models.
  • The creation of model plugs via the revolver and cash sweep.
  • How to handle circularities in the model.
  • How to develop a fully integrated 3-statement model through the established projecting and schedule conventions.
  • How to balance the model and insert automatic checks.
  • How to conduct powerful sensitivity and scenario analysis.
  • How to detect errors, accuracy, and integrity of models.

Who Is This Course For?

Basic Package by Wall Street Prep is for those who are interested in making a financial model for banks and want to build up a strong base of fundamentals.

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Basic Package – Wall Street Prep
Basic Package – Wall Street Prep


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