Beginner Course + access to Introductory Course – Alphatrends

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After finishing this Beginner Course + Access to Introductory Course, you will have access to a very consistent and effective options technique that you can utilize to generate a monthly income!

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Course Overview

This course covers an advanced options trading strategy based on the Alphatrends Trading Style! It is recommended that students comprehend the fundamentals of the market environment. This is a new trading style established by the trainer based on previous expertise.

This options course begins with the principles of volatility analysis and how volatility products operate, and then continues on to the presentation of the options trading strategy, its rules, including its reasoning and dynamics, and how to adapt over time and based on price behavior.

You will get access to an extremely consistent and successful options strategy after completing this course, which you can use to produce a monthly income!

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Introduction To Alphatrends Trading Style vs. Other Trading Styles. Our style focuses on high probability low-risk trades, it can be adapted to any market environment.
  • Chapter 2: Not everyone has the time or interest to sit in front of the computer to trade full time. Alphatrends strategies can be implemented by full time or part time traders and investors.
  • Chapter 3: Understand how markets actually work. All stocks fluctuate, learning when buy and hold may not be the appropriate strategy. Discover strategies to make money when the market goes up or down.
  • Chapter 4: You can become successful regardless of your experience or capital. It doesn’t matter about their age, background, prior experience, etc.
  • Chapter 5: Learn what short selling is and how to profit when the market declines.
  • Chapter 6: Charts allow us to objectively view how a stock is trading and you will learn techniques to gain a solid understanding of market cycles with specific trading examples.
  • Chapter 7: News and the ONLY time we use news. (Examples of how news was used to our benefit in helping make a trading decision, and why all other news is “noise” for our trading style)
  • Chapter 8: Stocks do not always trade the way you expect them to based on news. Learn to interpret the relationship between news and prices so you do not become a victim of someone else’s opinion.
  • Chapter 9: Order Types & How To User Each To Your Advantage (limit, stop, trailing stop, etc.)
  • Chapter 10: Why real-time data is essential and how to get an advantage from using it. Where to find it for free and how to interpret it!
  • Chapter 11: Level 2 data, what it is and is it really necessary?
  • Chapter 12: Tips for reducing emotions in the decision making process & how to constantly improve and track your progress.

What Will You Learn?

  • A novel technique to short volatility while protecting against volatility outbursts.
  • An unconventional income approach that is not covered in option textbooks
  • Understand a very consistent volatility selling trading approach.
  • Acquire professional understanding in volatility trading.
  • Forget about technical analysis and indicators that yield inconsistent outcomes.
  • Earn money; have a second source of income

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone interested to learn more advanced options trading strategies
  • Anyone interested to stop losing money on stock or forex trading
  • Anyone interested in increasing knowledge in options trading, especially on volatility products

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Beginner Course + access to Introductory Course – Alphatrends
Beginner Course + access to Introductory Course – Alphatrends
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