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Cameron Fous course, a 90-day trading system that claims to take you from a novice to a pro day trader by teaching you many trading methods. It appears to incorporate over a decade of trading knowledge from Cameron Fous and is supposed to help you minimize the guesswork involved with day trading.

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Course overview

Cameron Fous course is essentially an all-in-one trading DVD that covers money management strategies as well as various other trading principles. This DVD focuses heavily on rising triangle patterns, as well as many candlestick patterns and certain moving averages.

This Cameron Fous course is the original DVD, which focuses on the foundations of day trading by showing you how to detect a trade, educating you about the market in general, discussing risk management, and even touching on some relevant psychology, all while presenting multiple instances of trades. In this one, he focuses on technical analysis with only a sprinkle of fundamental analysis.

Course outline

The detail content of the Cameron Fous course includes the following modules:

  • Introductory Course
    • The Truth about Trading
    • Opening an Account to Trade
    • Picking the Right Place to Trade
    • Pre-Market and After Hours Trading
    • Margin Account vs. Cash Account
    • Day Trading vs. Swing Trading
    • Short Trading vs. Long Trading
    • PDT Rule and Avoiding it
    • Reading Level 2
    • Important Trading Terminologies
    • Trade Process Breakdown
  • Fous 4
    • Swing Trading
    • Market Psychology Introduction
    • Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
    • Up Trends and Down Trends
    • Support and Resistance
    • Gold Pattern and Revival Pattern
    • Survival Pattern and Force Pattern
    • Trading Tactics
    • Buying Breakouts: When, Where and Why?
    • Risk Management Process
    • Live Trade Examples
  • Fous 4×2
    • Day Trading
    • Intraday Trading Basics
    • Intraday Time Frames
    • Phase 1, 2 and 3 Breakout Patterns
    • The Infamous F-Pattern
    • Finding Stocks to Trade
    • Watchlist Building Tutorial
    • Winning vs Losing Trades
    • Live Trading Examples
  • Fous 4×3
    • Short Selling
    • Shorting Fundamentals
    • Stock Locate Methods
    • Low Float Stocks
    • Float Rotation
    • Short Interest
    • Top Shorting Indicators
  • Cloud 9
    • Psychology Course
    • Trading Psychology Fundamentals
    • Characteristics of a Pro Trader
    • How to Control Your Emotions
    • How Overconfidence Can Hurt Your Profits
    • Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
    • Mentally Thriving Against the Competition
    • Reaching CLOUD9 State-of-Mind

What will you learn?

The Cameron Fous course will enable you to achieve these significant values:

  • The information and wonderful patterns that have provided outstanding trading outcomes.
  • Some fundamentals of technical analysis are explained.
  • Understanding chart patterns, candlestick patterns, and the many components of stock breakouts.
  • Excellent setups and patiently for all circumstances to align before initiating a trade.

Who is this course for?

The Cameron Fous course is suited for:

  • Those who want to gain more trading outcomes and experience quickly.
  • Those who want to better understand the fundamentals of technical analysis.
  • Those who need the skills for excellent setups before every trading session.

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Cameron Fous – FOUS4
Cameron Fous – FOUS4
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