Candlestick Patterns Made Simple – Barry Burns

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Candlestick Patterns Made Simple by Barry Burns empowers you with the best, most meaningful, and highest probability Candlestick patterns.

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Course Overview

Candlestick Patterns Made Simple by Barry Burns shows the formation of the market sentiment on the candlestick chart. You will also know which candlestick pattern is good and has the highest probability to win any trade.


Course Outline

12 unique videos:

  • What Candlestick patterns work in today’s modern markets
  • Which patterns work for day trading and why you can’t rely on old Candlestick “statistics”
  • The best Candlestick patterns for entering a new trade
  • How to easily avoid the “fake” Candlestick signals that amateurs foolishly chase
  • Examples using eminis, stocks, Forex, minute-increment charts of various durations, tick charts, daily charts
  • How to use Candlesticks with Fibonacci and all Support/Resistance levels
  • Which chart intervals are the best to use with Candlesticks
  • The simple and easy way to read any Candlestick bar without memorizing the entire encyclopedia of patterns
  • How to confidently read a chart bar-by-bar and know exactly what is happening between the buyers and the sellers at every moment on the chart
  • Which Candlestick patterns are the highest probability ones for you to trade and make money (the practical stuff!)
  • Access to the Members Section
  • Regularly updated FAQ section
  • Complete Course Outline in PDF format
  • Follow-up Email Support to answer your questions


What will you learn?

  • How to read a Candlestick chart bar-by-bar
  • How to determine when Candlesticks are breaking support/resistance
  • How to use Candlesticks on multiple time frames
  • How to use Candlesticks on Forex, Futures trading, Stocks trading
  • The best chart time intervals for using Candlesticks
  • How to use Candlesticks to enter and exit trades
  • How to use Candlesticks in trending markets and in choppy markets


Who is this course for?

Candlestick Patterns Made Simple is for

  • Day traders
  • Swing traders
  • Beginning traders
  • Stock Traders

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Candlestick Patterns Made Simple – Barry Burns
Candlestick Patterns Made Simple – Barry Burns
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