Chuck Hughes – The Weekly Options Advantage

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When joining with Chuck Hughes via The Weekly Options Advantage course, you'll understand the specific advantages that weekly options afford clever traders, from simple methods for spotting the best opportunities to complicated covered call and spread trading tactics.

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Course overview

In this brand-new four-hour course – The Weekly Options Advantage, trading guru Chuck Hughes gives you a detailed road map to trading success utilizing weekly options. From simple approaches for identifying the finest chances to advanced covered call and spread trading strategies, you'll learn the distinct benefits that weekly options provide intelligent traders.

Weekly options, which allow traders to start small, provide 52 possibilities to earn each year, as well as the opportunity to create weekly income, rollover profits, and compound gains. The trading strategy provides suggested trading signals for option investment, and its audience is limited to trading strategy members. With the plentiful topics, you may bring your trading journey to the next level after joining The Weekly Options Advantage with Chuck Hughes.

Course outline

Among the topics covered by Chuck Hughes – The Weekly Options Advantage are:

  1. Increased Profit Potential – A call option spread is created by purchasing a call option and selling a call option with a higher strike price. If you have an existing profit for a call option purchase and leg into an option spread, the spread can typically increase the existing profit potential of an option purchase by 50% to 100% or more.
  2. The Option Sale Provides Downside Protection – The sale of a call option results in cash being credited to your brokerage account. This reduces the cost basis of the option purchase and provides downside protection in the event the price of the underlying stock declines in price.
  3. Reduces Risk – The sale of a call option results in cash being credited to your brokerage account which can typically reduce the risk of a call option purchase by 30% to 50% or more.
  4. Allows You to Maintain Positions During Volatile Markets – The downside protection provided by the sale of a call option to create a spread can help you maintain your spread trade during volatile markets. If you traded option purchases only, volatile price swings in the underlying stock can result in getting stopped out of your directional call option trade.
  5. Spreads Can Be Profitable If a Stock Goes Up or Down – Depending on the strike price, option spreads can be profitable if the underlying stock price increases, decreases or remains flat at option expiration

What will you learn?

Chuck Hughes – the trainer of The Weekly Options Advantage will help you achieve these significant values:

  • The skills in executing a strategy with the best profit potential.
  • Different ways to explore the different ways you can trade weekly options that garner great results.
  • Techniques to have a trend trading system in place that will assist with selecting stocks that are poised to make a profit.
  • Guidelines on how to calculate risk reduction, and insight for informed buy and sell decisions.

Who is this course for?

The Weekly Options Advantage by Chuck Hughes is ideal for:

  • Those who want to know more and take advantage of master trading weekly options.
  • Those who want to improve themselves to diversify their investments while maintaining control.

Those who want to reduce the cost for trades when considering longer-term spread trades

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Chuck Hughes – The Weekly Options Advantage
Chuck Hughes – The Weekly Options Advantage
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