Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading

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The Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading course help you gain profit from trading options in any market conditions.

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Course overview

With the knowledge and skills you'll learn in this eight-module course, you'll be able to buy options at less than their intrinsic value for maximum profit potential—and with limited risk!

Course outline

Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading includes eight modules:

  • Module 1 – Foundation of Options Trading: You will gain an overview of options trading, learn how options are priced, become familiar with option terminology and theory, and learn how to read an option quote screen.
  • Module 2 – Master Trader Top Technical Patterns for Options Trading: You will learn how to use multiple time frames to increase your chances of success while buying options as swing and day traders.
  • Module 3 – Option Strategies for Bullish Directional Trades: You'll learn how to evaluate your directional bias, how to select strike prices and expiration dates, how to apply pivot points and trailing strategies to managing trades, and how to utilize time decay.
  • Module 4 – Option Strategies for Bearish Directional Trades: You will master how to invest in Put options and Debit Spreads to capitalize on your directional bias; how to pick the right strike price and expiration; how to manage trades using “pivots for exist” and trailing strategies; and how to leverage time decay.
  • Module 5 – Trading Setups and Strategies for Earnings and Huge Profits: You will learn how to buy options with a high probability of success as well as how to speculate on earnings or other upcoming news events.
  • Module 6 – Trading Options With a Small Account & Short Credit Spreads for Income: You will discover how to trade options in small accounts, including how to size positions and manage them; plus how to sell short-term expiring options and credit spreads to profit from time decay when simply calling short-term tops and bottoms on stocks or ETFs.
  • Module 7 – Day Trading Options: This module covers day trading options for beginners on the high-probability setups, which is an excellent strategy that provides leverage, ROC, limited risk, and no gap risk.
  • Module 8 – Strategy Review, Trading Plan and Miscellaneous Topics: This module will cover the importance of a Trading Plan; quizzes to reinforce strategies learned; Resources to provide additional help; and concluding comments to ensure continued success.

What will you learn?

Key takeaways

  • Skills to invest in options to profit from day and swing trading setups on directional charts
  • Options strategies for optimistic and bearish directional trades, including how to manage positions objectively to profit from your directional bias
  • Techniques to purchase out-of-the-money options/spreads for higher predicted returns at a lower cost and risk.
  • Ways invest in options on news, earnings, volatility, and expensive stocks
  • Understanding significance and components of an options trading plan, as well as the keys to long-term success.
  • Detailed tactics for trading options in tiny accounts, as well as an income plan for profiting from rapid time decay by selling short-term expiring options.

Course Objectives

The Directional Options Trading Strategies course is tailored to support traders to:

  • Briskly use directional option strategies to profit from limited risk trades that allow traders to buy options around compelling patterns.
  • Effectively use these strategies on all time frames, in all market environments, and with any liquid optionable instrument.
  • Wisely decide what is the best strategy for swing trading for trading online learners
  • Easily picking the day trading options for trading beginners
  • Strategically making the most ideal options trading plan

Learner Outcomes

With the Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading, previous trading online course participants received a great deal from this course, such as:

    • From Mr. Max K.: I really appreciate the MT seminars — the best by far!  Absolutely LOVE the option spread trading, a truly reliable, consistently profitable, and beautifully managed trading system that has taken an enormous load of stress out of the equation for me. Thanks!
  • From Mr. Andy H.: Just thought I would drop you a note to say thanks for an amazing course! I've been in and around the finance industry in London for almost 25 yrs and no one has ever mentioned anything like this to me before…. It's mind blowing and I don't believe it is widely known in the UK….  Thanks Again!
  • From Ms. Naveen T..: Thank you for being such a great teacher!  Learning a lot through your  option modules, monthly advisory and telegram messages. I think you should rename yourselves DoctorTraders!!

Who is this course for?

The Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading course is ideal for those who:

  • Is struggling with the options, options strategy, etc.
  • Is being utterly baffled as to what the ideal swing trading approach is.
  • Is inexperienced with day trading options for beginners
  • Is lacked of expertise in developing options trading

Additional information

Why should you take the Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading course?

Are you wondering what is the best strategy for swing trading players like you?

Or you just started your trading career and want to know what are the suitable day trading options for beginners?

Do you struggle to find the most optimal options trading plan for your trading style?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading Course could be what you need.

Traders frequently enter the options market with minimal knowledge of the options methods accessible to them. There are several ways available to reduce risk while maximizing reward. Traders may learn how to take advantage of the flexibility and power that stock options can give with a little effort. If you want to solve these problems mentioned above and make the most of options trading, let the Directional Options Trading Strategies for Swing and Day Trading course be your guide.

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Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading
Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading


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