Edges For Ledges – Trader Dante

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Edges For Ledges by Trader Dante teaches you a comprehensive walkthrough of trading techniques and strategies based on insights into trend patterns.

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Course Overview

Edges For Ledges by Trader Dante offers an ample chance to develop your trading edges amidst the volatile market conditions. It includes instructions on many effective techniques for analysis and strategies for profitability consistency.


Course Outline

  • How to draw levels
  • The circumstances under which I cancel an order
  • Using the ATR effectively
  • Defining the exact price to enter trades
  • The price action I want to see when trading a level
  • The conundrum of how far to try running a trade
  • Defining effective targets on trades and both identifying and trading a hammer candlestick pattern when it forms on a daily chart
  • Adding to trades
  • Trading the Shooting Star pattern when it forms on a daily chart
  • Using price action to enter a trade VS a blind touch order
  • Liquidity pools
  • The SFP
  • How to cut a losing SFP early
  • Using the SFP as a daily bias and how to enter this pattern on the hourly time frame
  • Risk management
  • Trading after significant range expansion
  • How to effectively pre-empt a liquidity probe
  • More on anticipating Liquidity Probes
  • How I traded whilst in a full-time job
  • A detailed walk through of a recent setup in USD/CAD
  • Pulling an order based on the price action leading into it
  • A look at drawing a market map in EUR/USD


What Will You Learn?

  • Access to the development of proven strategies and tactics.
  • Effective approaches to technical analysis for insights into the market cycles.
  • How to pinpoint the next market trends and reversals for better preparation.
  • How to earn higher profits without undertaking high risks.


Who Is This Course For?

Edges For Ledges by Trader Dante is helpful for all trders at every level. So, you do not have to worry about prerequisites if you are a novice trader.

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Edges For Ledges – Trader Dante
Edges For Ledges – Trader Dante
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