Elliott Wave Mastery Course – Trading Analysis

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Deducting insights and forecasting market trends by analyzing the market cycles is no longer a mystery with the help of the Elliott Wave Mastery Course.

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Course Overview

Elliott Wave Mastery Course by Trading Analysis holds everything you need to know about the Elliott Wave theory – a technical analysis method that is preferred by professional traders, investment banks, and hedge funds. Utilizing Elliott Wave techniques in your trading systems will enable you to identify the highs and lows of price patterns in all financial markets so that you can make further trading decisions or even forecast the upcoming trends to prepare for long-term investments.

Elliott Wave Mastery Course by Trading Analysis will walk you through step-by-step guidance on not only the basic principles but also the practical application in actual trades, cracking the codes of the market. Thanks to the Elliott Wave method, the trader community has multiple times detected the extremes of the markets – where traders either are crushed by the harsh market conditions or able to achieve the profits in their dreams. Now, you can reach yours too with the help of the Elliott Wave Mastery Course without worrying too much about the negative sides of the industry. 

Course outline

  • Part 1 – Trading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Part 2 – A Philosophical Look at Elliott Wave
  • Part 3 – The History and the Basics
  • Part 4 – Elliott Wave Correction #1 – Zig Zag
  • Part 5 – Elliott Wave Correction #2 – Flat Corrections
  • Part 6 – Elliott Wave Correction #3 – Triangle
  • Part 7 – What's On Tap for Today
  • Part 8 – The Dreaded “Complex” Correction
  • Part 9 – Simplifying the Complex Corrections
  • Part 10 – Spotting the Complex Corrections
  • Part 11 – Live Market Analysis
  • Part 12 – Motive Waves and Corrective Waves
  • Part 13 – Motive Waves – The Impulse and Extension
  • Part 14 – The Diagonal Motive Wave
  • Part 15 – Understand Multiple Degrees of Trend
  • Part 16 – The Trader's Playbook
  • Part 17 – The Trade Setups
  • Part 18 – Options Trading with Elliott Wave
  • Part 19 – Live Analysis of the S&P 500 – Closing Thoughts – Past Examples
  • Part 20 – Attendee Questions

What will you learn?

  • Over 20 hours of video, audio, and visual learning
  • 3 essential market correction patterns to know
  • How to anticipate when a correction starts and ends
  • Efficiently detecting the start time of a new market trend
  • Understand the patterns and nature of financial markets
  • Protecting your portfolios against deceptive movements of the market
  • Identifying optimal entries for maximizing profits
  • Uncovering Fibonacci analysis as applied to Elliott to time the turns of the market
  • 5 sessions of live trading with real capital applying the Elliott wave

Who is this course for?

Elliott Wave Mastery Course by Trading Analysis should be taken on by seasoned traders with advanced knowledge and a solid foundation of trading experience in the industry.


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Elliott Wave Mastery Course – Trading Analysis
Elliott Wave Mastery Course – Trading Analysis


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