ETF Master Class – Raghee Horner – Simpler Trading


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ETF Master Class walks you through the refined framework that is in 30 years of backtesting while focusing on the core factors that move the market.

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Course overview

ETF Master Class gets straight to the point of how the author herself achieved the peak of $1,800 for a long call in DIA, which is one of many coherent and practical trading examples in this course. Not only hands-on actual case studies, but ETF Master Class will also provide learners with the essential knowledge to use the framework that Raghee Horner herself has been putting in action throughout her trading career.

After its first launch, ETF Master Class has taken the trading community by storm. Raghee Horner focuses on generating sustainable advantages for her learners while maintaining simplicity, even in the most complicated subjects of the ETF Master Class.

Course outline

  • ETFs Sectors Trading Tools
  • Multi-charts FFTYIPO
  • Calls Puts Vertical Spreads
  • Debit versus Credit
  • Legging in Price Movement Range
  • QA Live Charts
  • Indicator Session
  • Live Sessions
  • Strategy Session
  • ETF Master Class Elite
  • ETF Master Class Pro
  • ETF Master Class Strategy

What will you learn?

  • Coherent and applicable knowledge from actual trading performances, including ETF trading and options trading
  • A simple setup of three basic strategies for financial markets gets Raghee Horner her trading peak of $1,800
  • Proven techniques and refined frameworks that have been backtested over 30 years of Raghee Horner’s trading
  • Developing low-risk setups for leveraging ETF options
  • Building an optimal watchlist of your own

Who is this course for?

ETF Master Class is tailored for intermediate traders who are looking for advanced guidance in ETF trading, backtested framework, and strategies that can be instantly applied.

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ETF Master Class – Raghee Horner – Simpler Trading
ETF Master Class – Raghee Horner – Simpler Trading


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