Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher – Adam Khoo

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Forex Trading Course Lv 1 – Pip Fisher of Piranha Profits is aimed to assist novices in getting started in forex trading as quickly as possible.

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Course Overview

Traders make considerable profit from online forex transactions and are willing to give it a try, this is no longer a fact yesterday. But you also know that currency exchange is a “risky business” and you are afraid of losing your capital. The good news is that basic forex trading, if done right, is a powerful way to increase income … This is exactly what Adam Khoo will show you in the Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher by Adam Khoo of the online platform Piranha Profits.

This course has been crafted carefully for the purpose of helping traders to navigate the volatile forex market with confidence without worrying about their capital being at risk. Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher is well suited for new and experienced traders who want to use the Forex market to establish a reliable source of income

Forex Trading Course Level 1 course outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Forex Trading
  • Lesson 2: The Secret to Consistent Trading Profits
  • Lesson 3: Mastering Technical Analysis
  • Lesson 4: Position Sizing
  • Lesson 5: FX Trend Rider Strategy
  • Lesson 6: Psychology of Winning Traders
  • Lesson 7: Bull Flag Surf
  • Lesson 8: Developing a FX Trading Plan
  • Lesson 9: Correlation trading and Bid/Ask Spreads
  • Lesson 10: Currency Strength Meter

What will you learn?

  • Skills check the relative strength of every currency pair so that you always buy the strongest currency while selling the weakest one.
  • Skills to improve your win rate and bring in reliable profits.
  • Skills to manage your psychology like a top trader and make solid decisions even on nerve-racking trading days.
  • Skills to to size every trade to keep your risk to a minimum..

Who is this course for?

Forex Trading Course Level 1 is designed to:

  • Beginners who look for proven Forex day trading strategies that give them an edge over the markets.

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Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher – Adam Khoo
Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher – Adam Khoo


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