How Big Money Trades: A Key Aspect of Systems Thinking – Van Tharp


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How Big Money Trades comes back to the underlying principles behind market movements. Then, it instructs the robust methods and tools to accelerate your profit winning.

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Course Overview

How Big Money Trades depicts the market structure so you can learn the underlying principles behind the market moves. What is it for? Once you master such an aspect, you will become the master of the trading game.

Tumultuous market trends are the nightmares for many traders. Yet, if you project the upcoming price movements, you can leverage both uptrends and downtrends to earn high profits.

After instructing on the market structure, the course highlights the tried-and-true frameworks by the top experts, such as Chuck Whitman. So, you do not learn from the talking heads but from experienced traders!

Course Outline

  • Trading fair value rather than price
  • Two types of trading by the commercials
  • Commitment to Trader Reports
  • Companies managing (manipulating) their stock‚Äôs price
  • The role that credit plays in predicting Bull and Bear Markets
  • CDS and the stock price
  • Interest rates and equity trends
  • Arbitrage by commercials
  • Large speculator strategies
  • Small speculator behavior
  • Market makers
  • Order flow
  • Bid-Ask spread (not Big Ass spread)
  • Positive vs. Negative Reversion Strategies

What Will You Learn?

  • You can level up your trading skills and knowledge to the professional level.
  • You can decipher the messages that the trading markets show so you can make accurate projections of the next momentums.
  • A simple entry and exit strategy help you capture the edge and eliminate slippage.
  • New idea generation for your trading strategies is possible by the looks at the applied frameworks by Market Makers and Commercials.
  • You can take glimpses into how professional traders take advantage of spreads and correlations.
  • Coherent instructions on the Fair Value concepts help you determine when to buy and when not to do that.
  • After the course, you can increase your profits while reducing risk exposure no matter how volatile the market is.

Who Is This Course For?

How Big Money Trades can help both beginners and advanced traders as everyone needs to master the playbook to become a good player.

The clever design of the curriculum offers instructions on the fundamentals and advanced concepts. So, novice traders can build a solid foundation while seasoned traders can level up their skills!

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How Big Money Trades: A Key Aspect of Systems Thinking – Van Tharp
How Big Money Trades: A Key Aspect of Systems Thinking – Van Tharp


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