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Learn all there is to know about the short-selling trading method with the online trading course Intro to Short Selling by Madaz Money.

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Course overview

Intro to Short Selling by Madaz Money focuses on the foundations of short selling, including setups, analytical methodologies, risk management, and mental strength exercises.

Short selling necessitates keen monitoring of price fluctuations, as well as exceptional chart reading skills in order to gauge market sensitivity, etc. Therefore, it is strongly suggested for seasoned traders and investors. The precise tactics required for such a trading approach are outlined in the Introduction to Short Selling section of Maddison Money.

The course Introduction to Short Selling consists of seven chapters that provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to increase short selling profits and reduce associated risk.

Course outline

  • Chapter 1: Intro to Short Selling
    • Lesson 1: Short Selling Basics (Part 1)
    • Lesson 2: Short Selling Basics (Part 2)
  • Chapter 2: Trader Psychology
    • Lesson 3: Trader Psychology (Part 1)
    • Lesson 4: Trader Psychology (Part 2)
  • Chapter 3: The “Kris Verma Special”
    • Lesson 5: The “Kris Verma Special” (Part 1)
    • Lesson 6: The “Kris Verma Special” (Part 2)
  • Chapter 4: The Gap Up Short
    • Lesson 7: The Gap Up Short (Part 1)
    • Lesson 8: The Gap Up Short (Part 2)
  • Chapter 5: Mathematical Approach to Trading
    • Lesson 9: Mathematical Approach to Trading (Part 1)
    • Lesson 10: Mathematical Approach to Trading (Part 2)
  • Chapter 6: Data Tracking
    • Lesson 11: Data Tracking (Part 1)
    • Lesson 12: Data Tracking (Part 2)
  • Chapter 7: Trade Review
    • Lesson 13: Trade Review (Part 1)
    • Lesson 14: Trade Review (Part 2)
    • Lesson 15: Trade Review (Part 3)
    • Lesson 16: Trade Review (Part 4)
    • Lesson 17: Trade Review (Part 5)
    • Lesson 18: Trade Review (Part 6)

What will you learn?

The course Intro to Short Selling by Madaz Money covers:

  • Master the basics of short selling (brokers, trading setups, borrowing shares, order entry, etc.)
  • Learn A+ setups, including the Kris Verma Special and the Gap Up Short
  • Understand trader psychology and how to control your emotions
  • Learn how to exponentially grow your account utilizing the power of compounding and the Kelly criteria
  • Learn adequate risk management
  • Learn how to utilize statistical monitoring and Excel spreadsheets to identify opportunities.

Who is this course for?

Intro to Short Selling by Madaz Money is tailored for those who look forward to making enormous profit in stock trading. Those who are interested in short selling strategy also benefit from this course.

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Intro to Short Selling – Madaz Money
Intro to Short Selling – Madaz Money


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