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Stocks, Options Collars by J.L.Lord is a user-friendly manual that is excellent for everyone, from newbies to options trading to the most experienced traders. This is a step-by-step procedure in which the criteria will guide you to the best hedge and collar.

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Course overview

This user-friendly guidebook – Stocks, Options Collars by J.L.Lord – is ideal for everyone, from newcomers to options trading to the most skilled traders. Some of the information in this handbook was utilized at seminars where attendees paid $5,000 to learn less than what is provided in this manual. You may also learn how to use index options to appropriately hedge your whole portfolio of equities and mutual funds.


This is the only book you'll ever need to efficiently manage an option-based stock position. When the average yearly return on a stock is little more than 10%, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to get a monthly return of more than 10% using many of the same equities you presently buy. This is not the popular, but hazardous, covered call strategy, but rather a step-by-step method in which the criteria will direct you to the ideal hedge and collar.

Course outline

The Stocks, Options Collars by J.L.Lord will guide you through your trading journey with these topics below:

  • What Should I Trade?
  • Option Fundamentals
  • Option Greeks
  • Index Options
  • Hedging with Married Puts and Collars
  • Married Puts and Collars – Criteria
  • Hedging a Portfolio with Index Options
  • Hedge Adjustments for Stock or Index Collar

What will you learn?

In the Stocks, Options Collars by J.L.Lord, online traders can:

  • Learn the trading skills relating to Option Greeks, such as: Option Terminology, Option Risks, Options Strategies, Practical Demos, Mechanics of Futures Market.
  • Better understanding of the protective options strategies, which includes the understanding of married puts and collar spreads.
  • Skills in minimizing the trading risk and meeting trading goals with the use of protective strategies.
  • Skills to profit from growth stocks in an expanding market.

Who is this course for?

The Stocks, Options Collars by J.L.Lord is tailored for:

  • Those who are interested in options trading in general and in-depth aspects in option trading.
  • Those who need to better understand and quickly apply the protective options strategies into their trading journey.
  • Those who want to profit from increasing market growth stocks.

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J.L.Lord – Stocks, Options & Collars
J.L.Lord – Stocks, Options & Collars
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