Jeanne Long – Universal Clock

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Universal Clock by Jeanne Long teaches you that we can somehow precisely predict the future just by taking a long way back into the past events.

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Course overview

Believing that the future is naught but a repetition and a mere reflection of past events, Universal Clock by Jeanne Long shows that there is a potential possibility that we can accurately forecast those future events in all financial markets, as long as you are willing to do what is necessary – taking a long journey into the vague and elusive past to determine the causes.

Universal Clock featuring the Wheel of 24 of W.D.Gann has been a breakthrough at its time with the technical analysis and practical application of planetary positions upon the financial markets. With clear instructions, the course clears out the confusion and frustration, and make sure that you are well familiar with not only the concept but also the insights into each individual for instant use.


Course outline

  • Chapter 1 – Following In The Footsteps Ò W.D.Gann
  • Chapter 2 – The Archeoastronomy Legacy
  • Chapter 3 – Price Repetition Patterns
  • Chapter 4 – The Universal Clock
  • Chapter 5 – Planets In Action
  • Chapter 6 – The Divisions On The Universal Clock
  • Chapter 7 – Wheels Within Wheels
  • Chapter 8 – Planets Take Price By The Hand


What will you learn?

  • What the Universal Clock is and how it works
  • Using the Universal Clock to forecast the time and price of a trade
  • In-depth instruction on W.D.Gann’s mysterious Wheel of 24
  • Astro-techniques that are potentially practical in the modern marketplace
  • The author’s very own technical tools combined with the aforementioned techniques
  • Insights into timing special events


Who is this course for?

Universal Clock by Jeanne Long offers a special approach to understanding and predicting the markets, which may spark interest in traders at all levels.

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Jeanne Long – Universal Clock
Jeanne Long – Universal Clock
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