John Hayden – RSI. The Complete Guide Book

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The Complete RSI Book by John Hayden simply shows everything you need to know about the RSI indicator and how to apply it instantly to your trades.

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Course overview

The Complete RSI Book by John Hayden is a dedicated course on RSI – a popular indicator that is contained in numerous numbers of technical analysis packages. Despite being published a while ago, The Complete RSI Book is still considered relevant and extremely valuable to any eager student.

The Complete RSI Book provides you with the essential fundamentals and the proper approaches to the indicator. Learners can then develop their own logical intuition of using RSI in a shockingly short time, starting to select profitable trades and choose optimal time frames regarding your trading plan for maximum profitability.


Course outline

Section 1 – Preparation and Understanding – The Key to Success

  • 1 – Overview
  • 2 – RSI Math
  • 3 – Price Behavior
  • 4 – The Real Nature of The Marketplace
  • 5 – Price Behavior
  • 6. Basic Retracement Theory
  • 7. Summary Section I


Section II – Using the RSI to TradeĀ 

  • 1 – Conventional RSI Use
  • 2 – Professional RSI Use
  • 3 – Trend Determination Using RSI
  • 4 – The Truth About Divergence
  • 5 – Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points
  • 6 – Trend Direction Using Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points
  • 7 – The Relationship Between Price & RSI Retracements
  • 8 – Valid Support & Resistance Price Levels
  • 9 – Help… A Longer TimeFrame Just Jumped in My Puddle!
  • 10 – Conclusion


What will you learn?

  • Effectively using the RSI indicator
  • Understanding the concept and the utilities of the application
  • Selecting trades and reducing unnecessary time
  • Choosing the most optimal trade entries/ exits by using RSI for maximizing profits and minimizing risk
  • Identifying risks from the market with price actions and swing points
  • Choosing the appropriate multiple time frames and understanding how they will affect your trading plan


Who is this course for?

The Complete RSI Book by John Hayden is designed for any trader at any level that is looking for a dedicated and intensive crash course about the RSI indicator so that they can get the hang of it in an incredibly short amount of time.

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John Hayden – RSI. The Complete Guide Book
John Hayden – RSI. The Complete Guide Book
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