Market Making Scalping Manual – Gary Norden


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Market Making Scalping Manual by Gary Norden contains information on the Market-Making style of Scalping that is not available anywhere.

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Course overview

Market Making Scalping Manual is a 55-page ebook, written by Gary Norden. The course explains the principles behind the market-making style of futures scalping that Gary uses and guides. It is intended only for futures trading. This style is more professional in nature and perhaps more intense than techniques that are aimed at retail traders.

Course outline

The course explains:

  • The basic technique of Market Makers
  • What to look for in a trade
  • Using the spread
  • Utilizing Queue Position
  • How to adjust for fast or slow markets
  • How to manage/re-evaluate your trades
  • Trading Chop vs Moves
  • Scratching Trades

What will you learn?

  • Learn the techniques needed to make a scalping
  • Understand your trading and adjust it accordingly to volatility
  • Figure out which the market you can apply this technique to for day trading

Who is this course for?

This book is not for everyone, Market Making Scalping Manual is for a small number of people who:

  • Already have knowledge about bids, spread
  • Desire to apply market-making techniques to day trading

Additional information

Since this book is quite special, we will provide some notes you should read:

  • This trading method does not use price charts at all, not applicable to chart trading
  • There are no videos or trade examples to illustrate, it only explains market-making techniques

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Market Making Scalping Manual – Gary Norden
Market Making Scalping Manual – Gary Norden


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