Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy – Charles Drummond

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Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy is an in-depth guide to using the P&L methodology to become a professional commodity trader.

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Course Overview

Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy is a thorough discussion of how the markets are geometric and how P&L is used to identify the consistencies found within the geometry. The knowledge contained in this manual combines an excellent methodology, a proven set of trading rules, the proper mental focus, and self-evaluation.


Course Outline

Chapter One: The Supporting Tools

  • Energy Indicators
  • The “5” Lines
  • The “6” Lines
  • The 1-1 High and 1-1 Low
  • Summary – Chapter One

Chapter Two: The Five Types of Trading

  • The Five Types of Trading
  • Trend Run
  • Congestion Entry
  • Congestion Action
  • Continued Congestion Entrance/Action
  • Congestion Exit
  • The Sequence in which a Time Period Flows
  • Summary – Chapter Two

Chapter Three: Proper Use of Supporting Tools

  • The “Market”
  • Designing Geometric Zones of Support/Resistance
  • The Concept of “Air”
  • Recognizing When the Geometry is Crisp
  • Summary – Chapter Three

Chapter Four: Understanding A Time Period’s Flow

  • Predicting verses Knowing
  • The Initial Movement on the Focus Price Bar
  • What does the Lower Time Period Movement Represent?
  • Synthesis – The Intertwining of the Time Periods
  • Defining The Bar Not The Tick
  • Summary – Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Establishing A Position

  • Visualizing The Focus Price bar
  • The Function of The 1st HTP
  • “Flagging” with the 1st LTP
  • Triple Termination
  • Initial Stop Placement and Profit Objective
  • Dealing with the Percentages
  • Summary – Chapter Five

Chapter Six: Monitoring The Established Position

Chapter Seven: Applying the P&L Methodology

Chapter Eight: Success Is Your Responsibility


What will you learn?

  • Understand how to recognize and take advantage of the key characteristics for the focus time period
  • Learn to properly correlate the time periods to remain totally unbiased when monitoring an established position
  • Learn the proper perspective needed to develop trading rules best suited for temperament


Who is this course for?

  • Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy is for experienced traders
  • Traders with the desire and fortitude to continue seeking the knowledge and skills required to successfully interact with the market.

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Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy – Charles Drummond
Mastering the Geometry of Market Energy – Charles Drummond
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