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MIC Jumpstart Accelerator will take you from absolute beginners to a self-sufficient trader that can make your own decisions in just more than 7 hours.

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Course overview

Become self-sufficient and make your first profit with just MIC Jumpstart Accelerator of My Investing Club. This course aims to help your learning curve get cut short and go steep by providing you with the techniques and evaluation methods used by the author himself.

MIC Jumpstart Accelerator offers approximately 7 hours of insightful and rich content, boasting to help you avoid years of trading losses. The course outline is clearly presented, covering from simple topics to overwhelming advanced ones, so that learners can have an easy time keeping up.

Course outline

  • Chapter 1 – What Is Day Trading?
  • Chapter 2 – Stock Terms
  • Chapter 3 – What is Resistance and Support?
  • Chapter 4 – Stock Splits
  • Chapter 5 – Sector Hype/Craze
  • Chapter 6 – Edge – What is it?
  • Chapter 7 – MIC Patterns
  • Chapter 8 – Short Selling
  • Chapter 9 – Brokers, Regulations & Software
  • Chapter 10 – LEVEL 2/Market Depth & Tape Reading
  • Chapter 11 – Market Hours
  • Chapter 12 – Scanning Software
  • Chapter 13 – MIC Analysis & Research Process
  • Chapter 14 – Frontside Vs. Backside
  • Chapter 15 – Building a Watchlist
  • Chapter 16 – Live Market Analysis
  • Chapter 17 – Risk Management

What will you learn?

  • Understand all the basic terminologies of trading, including day trading, stock trading, finance trading
  • What makes up a stock, its supply, and demand
  • The fundamentals of technical analysis
  • How to read candlestick charts, bar charts, indicators, and the like
  • The ins and outs of short-selling stocks
  • A list of recommended brokers, pattern day traders (PDT), trading platforms
  • Building your own watchlist
  • Observing and analyzing the live market

Who is this course for?

MIC Jumpstart Accelerator of My Investing Club promises a great start that any beginner trader should take on to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and profitability.

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MIC Jumpstart Accelerator – My Investing Club
MIC Jumpstart Accelerator – My Investing Club


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