Million Dollar Traders Course – Lex Van Dam


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Million Dollar Traders Course of Lex Van Dam help you learn how to trade with the most comprehensive investor education through 51 video lessons.

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Course overview

Lex Van Dam’s Million Dollar Traders Course enables you to apply the marked Lex methodology to current real-world markets and learn how to trade FX, inventories, commodities, and technical strategies on a comprehensive course that combines high-definition videos, exclusive tools, and the expertise required by specialists.

The course comprises 50 full-scale HD video modules teaching FX, inventories, commodities, and technical trading exclusive tabletop models with step-by-step lessons, case studies, training workbooks and knowledge bank examinations, certificates, and summary references.

Course outline

Figure out the course syllabus as detailed below to see what you can benefit from Lex Van Dam’s Million Dollar Traders Course:

  • Stocks: People like to talk about the stock market, but few people really know it. With a proven 5-step trading process Lex Van Dam will teach you how to establish a successful portfolio
  • Stocks Extension
  • FX: Invest like a hedge fund manager with an expert trading process established over 25 years
  • Technical Strategies: Some of the best techniques for trade-in hedge funds. Lex Van Dam will show you in this series how to design your own approach utilizing his favorite characteristics and indicators
  • Gold: Gold never gets old, and it’s not for the weak-hearted to trade. In this series, he will teach you all that he knows to comprehend the basics of this precious metal which has exchanged hands for thousands of years
  • Extension FX
  • Case Studies: Real case studies implementing what is taught in some of the others
  • Indicators Library: Lex and other top traders utilize these indicators
  • Spreadsheet Tutorials: Lex uses tutorials and usable files for trading. Download and follow the files
  • Exam
  • Workbook
  • Spreadsheets


What will you learn?

  • All financial trading knowledge about stocks, commodities, currencies, and economic analysis
  • Learn the best techniques in speculative trading
  • Using Lex method and FX transactions, and inventory
  • Detailed References

Who is the course for?

  • For stock investors, speculative trading
  • For those who want to learn about currency, gold, and business analysis

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Million Dollar Traders Course – Lex Van Dam
Million Dollar Traders Course – Lex Van Dam


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