Option Combination Strategies Class – Option Elements

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The course Option Combination Strategies Class of Option Elements allows you to learn to trade like professionals by combining strategies and tactics.

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Course overview

The course Option Combination Strategies Class by Option Elements will take your options trading skills to the next level. You can learn to trade like a professional and get an advantage by combining techniques and tactics to maximize your profits and minimize losses. Option Elements was founded by S. Tony Sizemore, who in this course will teach you strong principles to help you improve your options trading.

Course outline

  • Trade Options Like a Professional
  • What is a Combination Strategy?
  • Difference between a Strategy and a Tactic
  • Problems with Singular Strategies
  • Find the Keys
  • Iron Condors versus Combo’s
  • Butterflies versus Combo’s
  • Calendars versus Combo’s
  • Ratio Spreads, Debit Spreads, and Calendars Combinations
  • The Tools for Success
  • Debit Spreads and Iron Condors Combinations
  • Butterflies and Vertical Spreads Combinations
  • Butterflies, Credit Spreads and Calendars Combinations
  • Knowing the In’s and Out’s
  • Controlling the Greeks
  • Consolidation of Strikes
  • Combinations of proper sequence for enter-exit multi-leg


What will you learn?

  • How to adjust when the market is in a downtrend or uptrend
  • Help you set up a good trading plan including risk management, consistency, and when to start or exit
  • Know the Greet trends, ratios, and how to manage it
  • The importance of volatility
  • The importance of good executions and how to get the best ones

Who is the course for?

  • Suitable for traders who have knowledge of options trading
  • Want to learn about the influence of Greeks on Combo's

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Option Combination Strategies Class – Option Elements
Option Combination Strategies Class – Option Elements
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