Options Trading Systems – IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class – Hari Swaminathan

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IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class combines the two powerful IncomeMAX systems to take your knowledge of spreads and straddles to the next level.

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Course overview

IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class by Hari Swaminathan of OptionTiger serves the ultimate purpose of helping your monthly income trades reach their full potential profitability by giving out optimal options trading strategies. These strategies are a trading system aiming for producing powerful results by combining base strategies with certain producing mechanisms and adjustment tactics.

IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class shows you how to create consistent monthly income with the usage of debit/ credit spreads and straddles/ strangles. These strategies are well supported with detailed parameters and risk management techniques to keep your profits out of harm’s way.


Course outline

The IncomeMAX Spreads Class

  • 1-IncomeMAX Spreads-Part1
  • 2-IncomeMAX Spreads-Part2
  • 3-IncomeMAX Spreads-Part3

The IncomeMAX Straddles Trading System

  • 01-IncomeMAX Straddles-Class1
  • 02-IncomeMAX Straddles-Class2

What will you learn?

  • Trading system – strategies that are specially designed for spreads and straddles
  • Specific intellectual property for trade design
  • Proper implementation and trade management principles
  • Risk management techniques
  • Tips and tricks on exploiting big volatile moves while minimizing the risks at the same time
  • How to scale from small accounts to large ones
  • Multiple adjustments and trade management tactics for applying to any number of trades

Who is this course for?

IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class is considered fairly simple to understand and ideal for intermediate traders, whether new or experienced at options trading. However, knowledge of spreads is recommended before taking the course.

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Options Trading Systems – IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class – Hari Swaminathan
Options Trading Systems – IncomeMAX Spreads & Straddles Class – Hari Swaminathan
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