Orderflowforex – Order Flow Mastery Course

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Order Flow Mastery Course will change your trading by teaching you the universal principles of Speculation and trading secrets of famous traders.

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Course overview

With Order Flow Mastery Course by Order Flow Forex, you can transform yourself into an order flow trader. You do not have to wait years and “work your way up” through the ranks of some bank or another company. You can leapfrog over other people. For some people, it can take 10 or 20, or more years to complete the transformation.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Order Flow Foundations
  • Why Traders Fail
  • Why Order Flow Traders Fail
  • Wealth Principles For Traders
  • Wealth Principles For Order Flow Specific Traders
  • Order Flow Mindset
  • Order Flow Habits
  • Economics Primer – Order Flow Perspective
  • Global Money Flow
  • Order Flow Mastery Super System
  • Information Outside Of The Charts
  • Key Concepts To Understand
  • Different Types Of Market Participants
  • Stop Hunting
  • Option Barriers
  • Market Sentiment
  • Fundamental Value
  • Interpreting News Articles and Commentary
  • The Bible Of Forex News Trading
  • Global Macro Trading
  • Weekend Inefficiencies
  • Order Flow Generators
  • Central Bank Intervention
  • Trade Examples
  • Additional Knowledge
  • Order Flow and Trading Quotes
  • Finding New Inefficiencies
  • Conclusion and Parting Words

What will you learn?

  • The rock-solid trading foundations that lead to BIG Trading Edges that can last a lifetime.
  • How to not just be ahead of 99% of other “normal” traders, but to also be ahead of 99% of other order flow traders as well
  • The trading techniques, principles, and foundations that work for currencies, commodities, futures, stocks, etc
  • What the greatest traders focus on versus what the rookie traders focus on. You will be able to see the big differences in thinking and action between the two. Then you will be able to focus on what the great traders focus on and do
  • The very best trades in history and the ones in the future have had and will have these TWO things in their favor
  • How to be a master at interpreting the information flow in order flow trading

Who is the course for?

  • For all traders, even those who do not have much knowledge about Order Flow Trading
  • For those who want to approach new trading strategies to master the ordering process

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Orderflowforex – Order Flow Mastery Course
Orderflowforex – Order Flow Mastery Course
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