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Price Action Trading Vol.3 covers everything from the broad overview of all previous episodes to deep insights into the advanced concept of technical analysis.

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Course overview

Price Action Trading Vol.3 carries on the legacy of the series by bringing you an incredibly broad range of topics, ranging from a thorough overview of techniques from previous volumes to progressive explanations and summaries of price action trading strategies.

Price Action Trading Vol.3 provides a comprehensive series of 12 HD video lectures that are constructed so that learners can apply in any type of the market, in any timeframe. Price Action Trading Vol.3 will also present its contents in vivid illustrations and practical case studies so learners can take on the amount of new knowledge more easily.

Course outline

  • Lecture 1: Ambiguity withinside the B-Axis and Failure of Measuring Volatility Range
  • Lecture 2: Market Duality and the Symmetry Between Stable and Unstable Conditions
  • Lecture 3: Variable Trading Time, Flow Transformations, and Circular Decomposition
  • Lecture 4: Strange Manipulation and the Importance of the Reverse Engineering Principle
  • Lecture 5: Chaotic Dynamic Frequency Breakouts and Dynamic Between Price Vectors
  • Lecture 6: The Reverse Von Restorff Effect, the Nobel Prize in Economics and Pitchforks
  • Lecture 7: Market Manipulation, Momentum Vectoring, and Powerful Lines
  • Lecture 8: The Dynamic of a Precise Entry and the Elements of a Great Trade
  • Lecture 9: The Intricate Relationship Between Players in Different Fractal Dimensions
  • Lecture 10: Advanced Praxeological Lines, Good Stops, and Trading on the Edge
  • Lecture 11: The Asymmetry of Volatility Dissipation and Rationality withinside the Market
  • Lecture 12: Trading with Simple Lines and the Cascading Effect of Imprecision

What will you learn?

  • Appropriate Trading with optimal timing, flow transitions, and market cycles
  • Risk/ reward ratios optimization via optimal timing of trade actions, including stop loss
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them when measuring the range of volatility
  • How to get through with significant loss when market volatility strikes
  • The underlying principles of reverse engineering
  • Getting insights into the dynamic frequency and price vectors
  • Understanding double-sided risks, and how to leverage them for stable profitability

Who is this course for?

Price Action Trading Vol.3 is definitely challenging, yet attractively rewarding, for experienced intermediate traders who are looking for a deep dive into price action trading strategies for stable profits.

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Price Action Trading Vol.3 – Fractal Flow Pro
Price Action Trading Vol.3 – Fractal Flow Pro


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