Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method – Gary Norden


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The Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method will show you how to trade the market more safely and consistently. With clear tools for analyzing the financial landscape, and armed with the information about where to look for trading opportunities, there's no way you cannot succeed.

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Course overview

Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method delivers a comprehensive walk – through of how to construct realistic trading strategies to make top – out earnings without taking significant risks. The illustrated case studies and examples assist you comprehend the framework by providing step-by-step instructions on the whole procedure. Technical analysis is emphasized as the key to consistent profit winning.


Course outline

For further details of Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method, see the preview course overview below:

  • Section One: Introduction
    • Disclaimer
    • Welcome from Gary
    • Why Market Making
  • Section Two: Our Approach
    • Our First Principles
    • Professional Standards
    • Win Rates
    • OODA Loop
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Section Three: Our Tools
    • No Charts or technical Analysis
    • Only DOM & Tape
    • Watchlists and Newsfeed
    • Every Trade Counts
  • Section Four: Our Edge
    • Due Diligence First
    • The Edge of the Spread
    • Precision Order Entry
    • How Frequency Compounds
    • Importance of Queue Position
    • Importance of a Quick Fil
    • Liquidity and Order Flow
  • Section Five: Value
    • How We Determine Value
    • Debunking Highs, Low, and Levels
  • Section Six: Application
    • Trade Setups & Scratching
    • Faster & Thinner Markets
    • Trading the Chops vs. Moves
    • Two-way Order Flow
    • DOM Tips & Unusual Activity
    • Trading During Extreme Volatility
    • Post Fill Checklist
    • Norden Method Exit Rules
    • Increasing Size & Automating Exits
  • Section Seven: Improvements
    • Premarket Preparation
    • Purposeful Practice
    • Performance Assessment
  • Section Eight: Summary
    • Closing thoughts


What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method

An overview of what you may study in The Norden Method's Red Jacket Course:

  • The principles of trading are discussed so that you may build a strong basis on which to expand your trading account.
  • Step-by-step instructions for effective approaches and strategies for constant profitability.
  • Case studies and examples are presented as analogies to help you obtain practical knowledge.
  • The best techniques and typical errors in applying the Norden Method to real-world situations are highlighted.
  • And more, much more!

Learners' outcomes after taking the Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method

  • To master the art of chart reading and interpretation
  • To recognize the signs and patterns that trends exhibit in order to effectively predict their next moves.
  • To create a structure and plan for capitalizing on the incoming momentum direction
  • avoid traps and concentrate on the proper tracks to capitalize on trade chances
  • To choose the best time to start or stop your transactions and join or leave the market to achieve the best risk/reward ratios
  • To improve your trading tactics and talents using framework instructions and representations of case studies and charts in real-time trading.


Who is this course for?

This Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method is suitable for both new and experienced traders. In particular, this training is intended for students who:

  • Having difficulty in chart reading and interpretation
  • Facing issues in forecasting the future moves of the trading markets
  • Lacking of signs and patterns recognition skills
  • Can't avoid trade traps and have no clue in focusing on the right paths
  • Have inadequate time management and tracking techniques

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Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method – Gary Norden
Red Jacket Course: The Norden Method – Gary Norden


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