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The Options Mastery #5: Diagonals course is a part of this discount trading bundle, which means it's a part of the full package that helps you get ahead in your trading career. Let this course help you make money from the comfort of your home.

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Course overview

Rise2learn has developed a trading course called Options Mastery #5: Diagonals to assist purchasers who are currently stock trading and trying to generate a steady flow of money. The trading course Options Mastery #5: Diagonals are suited for purchasers of all intelligence levels, with knowledge levels ranging from fundamental to advanced.

The trading course Options Mastery #5: Diagonals from Rise2learn will last 18 hours and 41 minutes and will cover the whole options approach known as ‘Diagonals.' A diagonal spread is an options strategy that involves simultaneously taking long and short positions in options of the same type—call or put options—but with distinct strike prices and expiration dates.


Course outline

Joining Rise2learn's Options Mastery #5: Diagonals, the following subjects may be covered:

  • Introduction to the Diagonals Course
  • The Business of Trading Diagonals
  • Diagonals Basics & Construction
  • Diagonals Greeks
  • Setting Up a Diagonal
  • Trade Planning With Diagonals
  • Diagonal Adjustments
  • Strategy: Long Diagonal
  • Strategy: Double Diagonal
  • Strategy: Short-Term Diagonal
  • Sign Out


What will you learn?

Key takeaways of the Rise2learn – Options Mastery #5: Diagonals course

  • Ways to continuously trade diagonal options for monthly income and build your retirement
  • Portfolio analysis: what role do diagonals play in your portfolio?
  • Basics of diagonals and how they are constructed variations of diagonals such as single, double, short, long, or more skewed
  • Greeks – overall big picture selling diagonals versus buying diagonals and the risks involved the diagonal spread and how they work together the volatility advantage of trading diagonals
  • Trading diagonals on low-cost vs. high-cost stocks
  • Diagonal adjustment ideas & how to think about adjustments
  • Long diagonal strategy for your long-term investment portfolio

Learners' outcomes after taking the Rise2learn – Options Mastery #5: Diagonals course

  • Understanding of how and where diagonals fit into your portfolio
  • Techniques for finding good diagonal trading vehicles
  • Techniques for Finding good diagonal trading vehicles methods
  • Skills on starting a diagonal position when the vix is low/high
  • Skill to plan and create a diagonal trade


Who is this course for?

Options Mastery #5: Diagonals are suggested for those who have been studying markets for at least a year. It is beneficial for learners to have some prior information or awareness of alternatives. To be more specific, this course is ideally suited for individuals who:

  • Want to boost their success rate and profit margins while trading with diagonals.
  • Want to avoid ambiguity while trading Options using Diagonals.
  • Want to know how to calculate the option's premium

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Rise2learn – Options Mastery #5: Diagonals
Rise2learn – Options Mastery #5: Diagonals


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