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RSI Edge by Cardwell RSI Edge teaches you everything you need to know about the titular indicator that allows you to make the most out of your trades.

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Course Overview

The relative strength index (or RSI for short) is a popular momentum indicator for technical analysis regarding the movements of all financial markets. The indicator itself offers specific signs deducted from the historically recorded events, thus, helping the users to forecast the upcoming trends and make their decisions for their future investments. The process is complex and time-consuming as it takes years to actually understand what the signs are all about without proper guidance. However, with the help of RSI Edge by Cardwell RSI Edge, that will no longer be the case.

The course concentrates on what the author calls the ‘Cardwell RSI methodology’, compiled from an incredible number of years spent in the markets and studying its movements. RSI Edge by Cardwell RSI Edge points out the four essential key elements to your success, including price, momentum, time, and sentiment. With further research and in-depth analysis of each element by following the tutorial of the course, learners will soon see that achieving greater accuracy when forecasting future price objectives is only just a matter of time.

Course outline

  • Trading Making Money.pdf
  • Trend Analysis.pdf
  • Pattern Recognition Divergence.pdf
  • Pattern Recognition Positive Negative Reversals.pdf
  • Price Analysis With Trend Line Analysis.pdf
  • CFGMO.pdf
  • Money Spreads.pdf
  • Closing Review.pdf
  • Pivot Points Calculations.pdf
  • Trading With the RSI EDGE.pptx
  • RSI Edge 1 – Trading vs Making Money Part1.mp3
  • RSI Edge 2 – Trading vs Making Money Part2.mp3
  • RSI Edge 3 – Trend Analysis – Range and Moving Averages Part1.mp3
  • RSI Edge 4 – Trend Analysis – Range and Moving Averages Part2.mp3
  • RSI Edge 5 – Pattern Recognition and Divergence.mp3
  • RSI Edge 6 – Pattern Recognition Positive and Negative Reversals.mp3
  • RSI Edge 7 – Price Analysis With the Trend Line Analysis.mp3
  • RSI Edge 8 – CFGMO – My Personal RSI.mp3
  • RSI Edge 9 – Money Spreads.mp3
  • RSI Edge 10 – CHRIS Value Track 1.mp3

What will you learn?

  • Understanding of the RSI method
  • How to use the RSI indicator and factors to look out for
  • Using the RSI as a powerfully versatile trading tool
  • Spotting the momentum and the direction of price movements of the markets
  • Concentrating on the shifts in the range
  • Identifying and Analyzing four different key factors leading to the success in trading
  • Forecasting where the trend changes
  • Increasing the accuracy of the price objectives

Who is this course for?

Containing technical-driven techniques and methods, RSI Edge by Cardwell RSI Edge is more suitable for intermediate traders and upper levels while freshers may need more time researching the subjects before taking on the course.

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RSI Edge – Cardwell RSI Edge
RSI Edge – Cardwell RSI Edge


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