Simplertrading – Pillars of Options Trading Class

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Pillars of Options Trading Class by Simpler Trading will let you find out your specific buying and selling style. You will learn to adapt the time-tested and validated method to fit your personality and goals.

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Course Overview

Danielle Shay, a seasoned trader, walks you through her process to maintain the consistency of profitability in the Pillars of Options Trading Class by Simpler Trading.

There are six chapters elaborating on each step in the process. So, you can gain the details of the big picture. Opening the course, Danielle asks the question about your trading style. It is a striking approach to start the course as you should determine which style fits you the most before acquiring the tactics and strategies.

Subsequently, you learn the proven frameworks by Danielle Shay to accelerate the winning process. Market understanding is highlighted as among the most important factors in building up a strategy.

You will also learn to use Fibonacci tools to compile insights into the market for your trading plan. The course shares a guideline for optimal implementation. So, you can keep the plan on track while avoiding hidden pitfalls.

The supporting technology is instructed with the step–by–step illustration. It helps you win higher with less time and effort in monitoring your trades. Moreover, the trading psychology is clarified with the recommendations to keep you calm, even on choppy trading days.

The 2-hour deep-dive session opens an ample chance to take a closer look at how the whole process is applied to real trading.

Course Outline

  • GRaB Candles.
  • One Proven Setup.
  • Deep Dive Session.
  • Trading Psychology Session.
  • Risk Checklist.
  • Squeeze Checklist.
  • Course Slides, Notes, and Chat Transcripts.

What Will You Learn?

  • The time-tested frameworks with various applications for you to find the most suitable ones for your trading style.
  • Detailed instructions on the whole trading process with illustrated case studies and examples.
  • Risk management techniques to avoid costly pitfalls and maintain your profitability.
  • How to stay calm amidst the volatile market conditions.

Who Is This Course For?

The course offers proven strategies and practical tips for both beginners and seasoned options traders.

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Simplertrading – Pillars of Options Trading Class
Simplertrading – Pillars of Options Trading Class


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