Supply and Demand 2019 – Trading 180

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This course equips you with the secret weapon helping you to win the trading game and leading you through the intricate issues. The course introduces a wide range of techniques and strategies for higher earnings and fewer risks for Forex traders.

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Course overview

Supply and Demand 2019 – Trading 180 covers every aspect of trading, from technical analysis to trading psychology to journalling and risk management.

With this course, you will learn how to build a strong action plan, along with a backup one, which allows you to keep your trades and money in the safe zone.

This course is designed for Technical Analysis, Forex Trading, and Swing Trading.

Course Outline

  • What Is Supply & Demand Trading?
  • What Is CPR Location Trading?
  • Stop-Hunt Market Manipulation Trading

What will you learn?

  • How the trends and reversals are formed and changed.
  • How to carry out technical analysis for illuminating insights into the techniques and strategies for the development of strategies.
  • How to employ the optimal TradingView tools and indicators that can support you to catch up with the fickle momentum of market trends.
  • The law of Supply and Demand for the mastery of every step in the market movements.
  • The common mistakes and best practices of crowd psychology to support the projection of market movements.
  • How to manage your trades and risks effectively.
  • When is the best time to enter and exit the market.
  • How to maintain your high and consistent earnings.

And so much more!

Who is this course for?

Supply and Demand 2019 – Trading 180 is ideal for any trader who is trading Forex and attempting to make a living out of it with a more steady income.

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Supply and Demand 2019 – Trading 180
Supply and Demand 2019 – Trading 180
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