The Seesaw Strategy Pro – Simpler Trading


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The Seesaw Strategy Pro – Simpler Trading shares with you the comprehensive guideline to master the ‘Seesaw Strategy’ Bruce used to achieve 12-winners in a row in a brutal choppy market.

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Course overview

The Seesaw Strategy Pro – Simpler Trading provides the ‘beat’ for your dance in the volatile ‘music’ background. It provides you with a powerful strategy to pump steady cash flow from a choppy market. Hosted by Bruce Marshall, the director of options and income trading at Simpler Trading, the course reveals his ‘Seesaw Strategy’ that Bruce used to rack up 12 winners in a row amid market volatility.

This course is designed for Options Trading and Stock Trading. 

Course Outline

  • Strategy Class 
  • 2 Recorded Live-Trading Sessions
  • BONUS: Iron Condors 101 Class

What will you learn?

  • How Bruce achieved 12+ winners in a row in this turbulent market.
  • How to gain reliable 5-25%+ returns within 17-days (on average).
  • Perfect time to ‘boost’ profits by 2x (or more).
  • How to stack more odds of winning by ‘legging in’ to positions.
  • How to adjust this strategy to your own goals and account size.
  • How to apply Bruce’s simple ‘tweaks’ to turn potential losses into wins.
  • Bruce’s effortless position sizing and trade management guide.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for options traders who are looking to gain the stability of high profitability amid market volatility. 

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The Seesaw Strategy Pro – Simpler Trading
The Seesaw Strategy Pro – Simpler Trading


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