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The Sweep Show course assists in identifying a very high possibility of a support or resistance break at critical levels in real time. This precise setup has assisted traders in determining whether to fade a move up or down or when to follow the aggressive players into the breakout.

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Course overview

Scott Pulcini Trader has created a trading technique called The Sweep Show to aid investors in identifying hidden resistance and support levels in the financial market. This course will teach you how to detect a high possibility of a support or resistance break at critical levels in real time. This strategy is ONLY for ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures contract. As a student in the trading course The Sweep Show, you'll get the opportunity to investigate Scott Pulcini's secret – how he essentially owed the market and extracted millions out of it by buying and selling thousands of S&P micro futures contracts every day.

Course outline

  1. The ability to change your transaction in response to shifting market conditions.
  2. Trade setup criteria based on clear market rationale about who you're purchasing from and selling to, as well as their goals.
  3. Well-defined and reasonable entry criteria and stop location.
  4. A clear basis for calculating a significant prospective reward/risk ratio.
  5. Ways to recognize and avoid the mental pitfalls that beset the majority of new investors.

What will you learn?

  • The capacity to adjust your trade to changing market conditions by utilizing and its fantastic indicators.
  • Simple trade setup criteria based on clear market reasoning regarding who you're buying and selling to and their aims
  • Entry criteria and stop location that are well-defined and rational
  • Clear rationale for determining a substantial potential reward/risk ratio
  • Identifying and avoiding the mental traps that plague the majority of new investors

Who is this course for?

This The Sweep Show course is designed for:

  • Those who need to perceive the target price in trading.
  • Those who need to improve skills in identifying the support and resistance factors.
  • Those who need to practically owe the market and pull millions out of the market.
  • Those who need to adjust your trade to changing market conditions.

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The Sweep Show – Scottpulcinitrader
The Sweep Show – Scottpulcinitrader


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