Trading with the Time Factor – vol.1 – Frank Barillaro

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Volume 1 of Frank Barillaro's Trading with the Time Factor course will reveal the best concealed secrets for predicting future market peaks and bottoms years in advance.

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Course Overview

In volume 1 of the Trading with the Time Factor course by Frank Barillaro, you will discover the best kept secrets to determine the likely prices of future market tops and bottoms, years in advance. This is all about teaching you “where” is the best price to buy or sell.

Beautifully presented in over one hundred pages of easy to follow descriptions and coloured charts, you will be privy to some of the most powerful price forecasting techniques in the markets. Real life and up to date examples covering the S&P 500 stock index are used to explain how these price techniques work across any market.  Learn how to incorporate these price techniques into your trading, today!

Trading with the Time Factor Vol.1 course outline

  • Trading With the Trend
    • How the mathematical and geometric relationships work in the market
    • An introduction to W.D. Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory
    • How to identify and trade with the trend
    • Gann Swing Charts
    • Identifying Sections of the Market
    • Overbalancing of Time and Price
    • The best trend measuring techniques used by the professionals
    • How to use trend lines, trend channels and moving averages
  • How to Forecast Price
    • Price Retracements
    • Determining major and minor price ranges
    • How to know when a Fibonacci retracement will hold
    • Using previous market prices to forecast future market prices
    • Price projections: forecasting future tops and bottoms to the exact point
    • Detailed example of how I forecast the S&P 500 top in September 2012 to the exact point
  • How to Determine the Strength of a Market
    • Using Pitch Lines to determine the strength of a market move
    • The ‘Barillaro Box: my own trend tracking indicator
    • The ‘Barillaro Angle’: my own price forecasting technique
  • An Introduction to Time
    • Time & Price angles
    • How to know which Time & Price angle to use
    • Gann Master Square calculators
  • The Best Trade Entry and Exit Techniques
    • The five rules for risk management
    • Entry and exit points for trades with the trend
    • Entry and exit points for trades against the trend

What will you learn?

  • Understand how the market works using mathematical and geometric relationships.
  • Understand how to identify and trade with the trend.
  • Learn how professional trend measurement techniques are applied.
  • Learn how to choose the right Time & Price angle.

Who is this course for?

Trading with the Time Factor vol.1 is designed to:

  • Traders who prefer trading with facts and figures.
  • Traders who get better in catching the market trends.

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Trading with the Time Factor – vol.1 – Frank Barillaro
Trading with the Time Factor – vol.1 – Frank Barillaro


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