Warrior Starter Course – Warrior Trading


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Warrior Starter Course by Warrior Trading shares effective strategies and techniques that beginner day traders and stock traders need to earn higher profits. The case studies and charting examples clarify theories with realistic glimpses into real trades.

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Course Overview

Warrior Starter Course by Warrior Trading shares the fundamentals of stock trading and powerful strategies for consistent profitability. Also, you will uncover which tools you should use to ease the stock trading process. Every aspect of trading and the best practices are what you can expect from the course along with real case studies.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Becoming a Day Trader

Chapter 2: Picking Stocks for Day Trading

Part 1: Popular Financial Instruments for Day Trading

Part 2: Long-vs. Short-Selling

Part 3: What Makes a Strong Stock?

Chapter 3: Account Types

Part 1: Different Account Types for Traders

Part 2: Choosing a Broker and Opening an Account

Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis

Chapter 5: Technical Analysis

Part 1: Chart Types & Time Frames

Part 2: Candlesticks

Part 3: Support & Resistance

Part 4: Gaps & “Windows” on Daily Charts

Part 5: Our Favorite Multi-Candle Chart Patterns

Part 6: Popular Technical Indicators

Part 7: Understanding What Makes a Strong or Weak Daily Chart

Part 8: Setting Up Your Charts

Chapter 6: Trading Platform Walk-Through – Account Information, Balances, Buying Power, Positions Window, Open & Closed Orders Window

Chapter 7: Order Entry Window – Popular Order Types

Chapter 8: Level 1 Market Depth & Order Entry

Chapter 9: Level 2 Market Depth & Hotkeys

Part 1: Understanding Level 2

Part 2: Hot Keys & Hot Buttons

Chapter 10: Time & Sales AKA The Tape

Chapter 11: Stock Halts

Chapter 12: Scanning 101

Chapter 13: Preparing to Sim Trade

Part 1: Understanding Risk

Part 2: Reviewing Your Trades

Chapter 14: The Psychology of Trading

Introduction: 50% Skill, 50% Mental

Part 1: Recognizing & Understanding Emotions in Trading

Part 2: Stages of Learning to Trade

Part 3: Strategies to Support Your Best Trading

Part 4: Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Chapter 15: Day Trading as a Business, The Learning Path & What's Next

Part 1: Spend 3 Months Sim Trading & Treating It Like Real Money

Part 2: The Warrior Learning Path

What Will You Learn?

  • Crucial basics of trading techniques and strategies.
  • How to make a perfect trade.
  • The history of the stock market.
  • How to read a trading platform.
  • Access to must-have trading tools.
  • How to spot profitable strategies for application.
  • Right trading mindset for consistent profitability.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is useful for those who want to consolidate their foundation of day trading and stock trading.

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Warrior Starter Course – Warrior Trading
Warrior Starter Course – Warrior Trading


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