Workshop: Bear Market Success – Base Camp Trading

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Workshop: Bear Market Success can be your life saver, showing you the right ways during a tough time such as a bear market with high volatility.

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Course Overview

We traders, and humans in general, are always fear of something we have little to no control over. That is the reason why a bear market with price fluctuation and downtrends can bring both financial and emotional damage to us while we just have almost nothing to respond to. But no worry, with the help Workshop: Bear Market Success, that will be no longer the case.

Workshop: Bear Market Success led by Thomas Wood – a famous author of Base Camp Trading – will show you what is in the mind of a professional trader when making decisions during the bear financial markets. You will learn how to get a better overview of the whole situation and how to drive them towards a beneficial direction so that you can not only maintain the stability of your portfolio but also actually spot elusive potential opportunities and make profits.


Course outline

  • The life cycle of bear financial markets – identifying bottoms
  • Trend definition and reversals
  • Hedging using futures and notional values
  • What sectors outperform in a recession
  • Identifying long-term growth stocks
  • Day trading options with high volatility


What will you learn?

  • An overview of the life cycle of bear financial markets
  • Determining the overall trend
  • Coping with the bias
  • Using futures and notional values to hedge long-term portfolios
  • Ways to offset losses for long-term portfolios and ways to profit for short-term portfolios
  • Choosing a suitable sector for migrating our trades to for better performances
  • Knowing how to choose long-term growing stocks to hold on to for the next ten years
  • Utilizing the high volatility during the bear market for making day trading profits


Who is this course for?

Workshop: Bear Market Success should prove its values to everyone, showing them how to survive in such a tough time. However, it is only recommended that intermediate traders and upper levels take the course since it does not provide any specific basic concepts and knowledge in trading in financial markets, which may make fresh beginners feel overwhelmed.

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Workshop: Bear Market Success – Base Camp Trading
Workshop: Bear Market Success – Base Camp Trading


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