Does the Moxie Stock Method Offer the Power of a Fortune-Teller?

Moxie stock method is TG Watkins’s proprietary method created to read the profit potential of any stock. In addition, it also provides notable signals when the market has strong fluctuations. This article will also introduce you to What is the moxie indicator and moxie indicator rules.

1. What Is Moxie Stock Method? 

The Moxie Stock Method is a technical approach that help you keep track of stock moves and foresee the next movements. As a result, you can develop viable strategies based on valuable insights into the changes and reversals of market moves. 

How amazing can it be to pinpoint the next drop or peak of price actions? It will be your ultimate trading edge that serves as an unbeatable advantage. So, you can obtain and maintain consistent profitability. 

It is totally understandable that you still doubt its effectiveness, however. So, we would like to provide some detailed information of this method’s creator and some proven records of winning cases. 

Who Created The Moxie Stock Method?

TG Watkins is the man behind the creation and development of the Moxie Stock Method. It is an idea coming up throughout his stock trading to smoothen and alleviate the whole process. 

We are all aware of the tumultuous price actions which are the nightmares of stock traders. Instead of letting himself drown in the chaos, TG Watkins made a step ahead when developing the Moxie Stock Method to support him of decoding the patterns of market moves. So, he could foresee what would happen before it happens! 

TG did not start trading as a professional trader at his tender age, but when he worked as a financial advisor for a while. The experiences of advising and consulting on others’ trades and investing offer TG chances to observe and learn the market cycles, the best practices, and common mistakes. 

It might have pushed him to get his feet wet with his first-hand experience as a full-time stock trader. Instead of abundant knowledge and experience as a financial advisor, TG Watkins did not bypass the fundamentals. 

The Moxie Stock Method

The Moxie Stock Method by TG Watkins

Thus, he looked for a professional education platform to learn and improve his trading knowledge and skills. And his mentors saw his potentials as he developed his own indicator and technical approach – the moxie indicator

Then, he developed his own trading education service – Moxie Trader for a few years until he met John Carter, the founder of Simpler Trading. TG Watkins is now among the most popular instructors at one of the large online instructional platforms.

And his Moxie Stock Method is still one of the go-to courses for all stock traders due to its amazing features. 

Real Winning Cases 

TG Watkins applied this method to his trading and brought back the big gains of 21% and 8% on both daily and hourly charts, respectively. The records show TG’s 103% account growth and double gains in 14 moths, from $67k to $136k after the application of this tool! 

In the package of the moxie indicator, TG provided his trading charts and proven records of those phenomenal breakthroughs. Such information is helpful for in-depth analysis of real case studies. 

2. What Is The Moxie Indicator?

What is the moxie indicator? The Moxie indicator is a very useful tool in finding divergences. We can see the negative and positive energy inside the price clearly thanks to the Moxie indicator.

Moxie indicator review shows the intrinsic strength of the market based on energy or momentum. The altitude above or below the line is considered the average air volume. The job of the Moxie indicator is to inform us when to close a trade, which reduces the investor's chances of entering into the wrong move.

This indicator works optimally in trending markets, letting you know when to stay away from volatile market times. In particular, the Moxie indicator will tell you what characteristics or signals a strong move will have.

The color coding of the Moxie Indicator and the unique stair step provide traders with better visual cues to determine the strength and strength of a move.

3. The Moxie Indicator Rules

Moxie Indicator Rules: Moxie Auto

You should buy when the Moxie Indicator™ crosses above the 0 levels and the 50 level – the price is above its SMA. And vice versa, you should sell when the Moxie Indicator™ is below 0 and the SMA is below 50.

This rule shows that, if the price is below the SMA (50) and the Moxie is above zero, recovery is imminent. On the other hand, if the price is above the SMA (50) and the Moxie is below 0, a drop is possible and the trader is inclined to get out.

Moxie Auto is available on all 5-minute, 2-minute, hourly, daily, and weekly charts. The 5-minute and 2-minute charts are commonly seen among day traders with the Moxie 15 Low indicator. Hourly, daily chart with Moxie 15 High indicator commonly used by long-term traders.

The Moxie Indicator RulesThe illustration depicts the operation of Moxie Indicator Rules: Moxie Auto

Moxie Price Signals Auto

The Moxie Auto Price Signals Indicator appears together with the main Moxie Auto indicator. It overlays arrows on the price chart corresponding to the Moxie Auto indicator crossing above or below the 0 line to help identify entry and exit points more easily.

The signal arrows are green when the Moxie Auto indicator crosses zero and red when it crosses below (colors are customizable).

Moxie Price Signals Auto

The Moxie Auto Price Signals Indicator overlays arrows on the price chart corresponding to the Moxie Auto indicator

Moxie 15 High and Moxie 15 Low

The Moxie 15 High and Moxie 15 Low indicators have two Moxie lines instead of one. They indicate whether the strength of the signal is strong or weak. Appearing green lines and moving up but far apart is a weak signal. Conversely, if they are close to each other, it shows a strong signal.

Moxie 15 High and Moxie 15 Low indicators can be added to the 15 minute chart. Moxie 15 High is slower but more powerful and is often paired with hourly and daily Moxie Auto indicator charts for swing trading. The Moxie 15 Low is more agile and commonly used for day trading, along with the 5-minute and 2-minute Moxie Auto indicator charts.

The Moxie 15 High and Moxie 15 Low indicator bars are green when rising and red when falling (colors are customizable).

Moxie Price Signals Auto

The Moxie 15 Low  appears green lines and moving up but far apart

Moxie Indicator Rules

The Moxie 15 High  appears green lines and is close to each other

Many professional traders recommend using and researching this method because it is considered an accurate predictor of market ups and downs. We will update contents related moxie stock method in the next articles.

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